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The Digital Maturity Leadership Model provides a baseline on where Scottish Local Authorities are in their digital transformation journey by capturing the views of their full leadership team and what opportunities exist moving forward.


Since launching in early 2018, 18 Local Authorities have undertaken the assessment, with three currently in progress and 11 yet to take the assessment.



The remaining 11 Local Authorities are being urged to get their assessment booked, with the Digital Office aiming to have all 32 Local Authorities completed by October 2021. This comes at a relevant time where Local Government are working in partnership with the Scottish Government to deliver a refreshed Digital Strategy, which all Local Authorities should be aligning their individual digital strategies too.


To carry out the assessment, an introductory workshop or meeting is held to explain out the purpose of the model to the senior management team with a sample CMT report also available.


Face-to-face interviews are then carried out with senior managers, followed by online surveys which are distributed within the organisation to other layers of management (discretionary). There are three different question sets available for use - senior managers, head teachers and elected members.


Once the interviews and survey has been completed, the Digital Office carry out an analysis activity and produce a report which details the level of digital maturity the organisation currently sits at and full details of the findings of the survey. Feedback workshops with senior managers are available and a detailed digital road map is produced. The individual council results are confidential, and no league table is defined however information on opportunities and best practice is shared across the Partnership.


A key findings report was produced from the first batch of assessments carried out. A number of engagement activities are being planned to update the Partnership on the overall progress of Scottish Local Government and are due to be delivered in late 2020/early 2021.  


To book your Local Authority Digital Maturity Assessment, please get in touch with