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We have published our very first Heartbeat Marketing Pack, to build a cohort of interested individuals from across the Digital Partnership, to deliver on an exciting new 'Open Innovation Programme' in partnership with Scottish Enterprise. 

The business plan for the Local Government Digital Partnership includes the development of new, more agile, user-led, and innovative methods for delivering digital programmes. One of the priorities for this is a method known as “Open Innovation” which provides new ways of engaging with businesses and universities to stimulate and facilitate innovation.   

Alongside its work on Service Design, the Digital Office has already initiated an Open Innovation programme. This has been raising awareness of Open Innovation, has started to build a cross-sector community of interest and has facilitated knowledge sharing of the experience already gained within the sector (most notably Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling) through a series of events and webinars.  

Based upon the work that has been initiated (and already being delivered) by the Digital Office, an opportunity now exists to establish a funded programme in partnership with Scottish Enterprise to accelerate adoption of open innovation within the sector by training staff and building greater capability for innovation thinking across the sector. 

Find out more about the programme, benefits, a spotlight on current Open Innovation projects elsewhere and the resources required to proceed with this piece of work in our brand new Heartbeat Marketing Pack. 


If you are interested in getting involved or would like to be kept updated on the progress of the project, please complete our Heartbeat Project registration form below.