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Following our COVID-19 response statement, all of our events and workshops up until the end of April will be postponed. During this time we will work to develop both a technical and process based solution to deliver workshops and conferences of more than 10 people remotely.


We will provide an answer as to whether the Partnership Forum, due to be held on Thursday 7 May, will go ahead and if so, in which manner, by Friday 17 April. After validating the technology and processes we will begin to host virtual workshops to assist with the current situation.



We have re-prioritised our projects and are focusing on material that can assist with remote working from both a technology and process perspective. Our first product, describing free technical options, was delivered to your IT and Transformation Managers on Friday and is available here. The process materials to back this up will be produced as a matter of priority. We would welcome any resources that councils wish to share with the Partnership.

In the meantime, Perth and Kinross Council are pulling together two webinars to discuss working from home.


Details here:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above, please get in touch.