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A Cross-Sector Data Task Force has been set up in response to the current ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The task force will, amongst other things, have the remit of working across appropriate organisations to identify, create and share data, tools and resources to help streamline and co-ordinate a national response.

By participating in the Scottish Local Government Task Force, this will give your Council the opportunity to be involved in:

  • Developing efficient and cost-effective response(s) to help remove immediate pressure from council data teams;
  • Sharing best practice on data capabilities to assist with the current crisis;
  • Leveraging opportunities for collaboration on Local Government solutions;
  • Establishing a better data infrastructure model for Local Government;
  • Assessing the potential to devise a possible blueprint for a national data infrastructure.

And therefore, by adopting this approach through our combined efforts, we will be able to:

  • Reduce time for key information to be delivered for operational purposes;

·       Enable timely, accurate and efficient decision-making using a national data perspective;

·       Tackle key challenges within your Local Authority area, Scotland and UK wide and;

·       Adopt a ‘once for Scotland’ approach across key sectors.


We have produced a short briefing pack which details all of the key information which is considered key to the Cross-Sector Data Task Force. It provides a collective vision and objectives which have been established through collaboration with various organisations to date.  



If you have any questions relating to this briefing pack, please get in touch.