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COVID-19 Data and Intelligence Network

COVID-19 Data and Intelligence Network

Scottish Government has established a Scottish COVID-19 Data and Intelligence Network that:

  • Makes accessible and links data from: health and social care, the wider public and private sector and research projects
  • Mobilises a network of data intelligence expertise across local authorities, health boards, Public Health Scotland, Health and Social Care Partnerships, other public bodies, Scottish Government and academia
  • Engages with local and regional delivery teams to co-produce actionable insights, integrating activity across Local Resilience Partnerships and the underpinning agencies to ensure sustainability
  • Informs policy making in Scottish Government and wider public services
  • Informs effective and ethical pandemic response at national, local, and sectoral levels


To achieve this the Network requires a scale of partnership and trust not seen before working across organisations, and with public engagement. We therefore have defined values consistent with Open Government. The network of expertise operates to FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse) data principles, and within the constraints of data governance, contributing to make data more useable for all.


The programme will build the capability to provide near to real time relevant intelligence for local and national decision makers and the public.


Remit and Vision: 

  • Minimise the spread of COVID-19 in Scotland by quickly identifying COVID resurgence, clusters, outbreaks and detecting co-circulation with winter respiratory viruses;
  • Protect vulnerable populations;
  • Evaluate the impact of COVID on health, care and society across the Four Harms (Covid Health, Non-Covid Health, Social and Economic);
  • Extend our vision to the National Performance Framework.


Data & Intelligence Network’s Product Development Principles

  • We work collaboratively, overriding our individual agendas, to identify and utilise the most effective data capabilities and sources to deliver actionable insights for our data consumers and partners.
  • We form Multi Agency Teams – D&IN analyst teams will typically consist of team members from across Central Government, Local Government, Health Boards and Academia as required to deliver the optimal data product for the relevant data consumer group
  • We are supported by National, regional and local teams– Local analyst teams are supported by national through to local teams who can advise on the use and visualisation of data



The following sectors are part of the Data and Intelligence Network:

  • Local and National Health Bodies
  • Local Government
  • Central Government
  • Skills and Enterprise Agencies
  • Scottish Academia
  • Civil Society Organisations


The Data and Intelligence Network is open to other organisations and sectors, who are keen to collaborate to use data to improve our collective response to Covid-19 and overall public benefit.





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