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Business Plan Refresh 2019-21

Business Plan Refresh 2019-21

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Digital Office recognised the need to recalibrate our portfolio to meet the needs of the Digital Partnership.


From consultation with Local Authorities during August – October 2020, there have been three main emerging themes which they are looking for support on. These are:


- Supporting staff whilst they work remotely;
- Strategic importance and use of data for operational needs and;
- Cost optimisation.


This has also been backed up by conversations with Analysts at Gartner who are seeing the same emerging key trends from worldwide public sector organisations.


In response to this, Digital Office will collaborate with Scottish Local Authorities and partners to enhance the existing porfolios we have in place for:


- Modern Workplace – Build on the engagement with the Society of Personnel & Development Scotland (SPDS) and COSLA in building a repository of tools and documentation around;
- Leadership for the Modern Workplace; 
- Skills for the Modern Workplace;
- Tools for the Modern Workplace; 
- Collaboration in the Modern Workplace; 
- Driven By Data  - Build on the engagement with partners and build on the “Cross Sector Data Task Force” that was initiated at the start of the Pandemic plus continue to assist Councils to make better use of data to transform how services are delivered and how communities are engaged through the relationships. This will also be supported by the communities of interest we have built in the past 4 years on data;
- Supply Chain & Procurement – Build on the existing work over the past 3 years and the recently ehanced Scotland’s Technical Asset Management Platform (STAMP) to collate IT and digital contract information which will help spot opportunities for collabartive procurement and common platforms. 


The rest of the the portfolios have then been prioritised accordingly to support this.

The following documents provide all information relating to the re-prioritisation and the programme of work:


- Digital Office Business Plan 2019-21
Our Programme of Work - Role, Key Actions and Outcomes
- Digital Partnership Programme Benefits - October 2020