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The Digital Office for Scottish Local Government is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new Insight Service.

The Insight Service, which will be issued on a monthly basis, will explore and provide our stakeholders with guidance and key information on current hot topics in relation to digital transformation, including business continuity guidance.

June - Local Government Recovery from COVID-19
This first edition provides details on the forced changes in working culture across Local Government, including a seismic shift towards remote working, which has condensed a projected time window of transformation from 2 years into 2 months.

July - West Dunbartonshire Council using 'Trickle' to Support Remote Working Programme
This edition focuses on 'Trickle' which is an employee engagement and support platform for remote working. West Dunbartonshire Council's Strategic People and Change Manager Alison McBride gives us an insight in to how this platform works in practice.

August - Scottish Local Authority Recovery and Renewal
This piece profiles case studies from Scotland's public sector, with standout examples of how local authorities are utilising technology and harnessing economic innovation with the aim of recovering from the pandemic.

September - Overcoming the Social Economic Challenges - Adaptation and Renewal Strategy - The City of Edinburgh Council
This profile piece examines City of Edinburgh Council's Adaptation and Renewal Strategy which sets out the roadmap for recovery from COVID-19. Key themes include tackling poverty and enhancing digital delivery across the city.

October - The Importance of Collaboration - Why you should implement Microsoft Teams Federation and Guest Access.
This piece explores the importance of collaboration and why Local Authorities across Scotland should implement Microsoft Teams Federation and Guest Access. 

November - Refreshing the Digital Strategy for Scotland
This piece reflects on the new Scottish Government Digital Strategy for Scotland consulation which presents Scottish Local Government with a unique opportunity to help rewrite the refreshed digital blueprint for Scotland.

We already have a list of topics which we will be exploring within the Insight Service however will easily adapt this schedule based on the needs of the Digital Partnership. If you have a topic which you would like us to cover, please let us know