Digital Health & Social Care


Digital technology is key to transforming health and social care services so that care can become more person-centred. The time is right to develop a vision of how health and social care service processes in Scotland might make better use of digital technology and data.


The key areas for development fall across Telecare, efficiencies for staff and developing new systems and platforms that encourage and aid the flow of data.


Our project will develop a blueprint for moving to digital solutions, creating common data sets and creating a gold standard for mobile, flex working and collaboration tools. The programme will also look at the development of cloud data solutions to aid in the provision of health and social care within Local Government.



Related items: 


Telecare Blueprint

Paper on how to move to digital services.


Dataset & API Blueprints

Document any council to use and will sign up to around Common Standards for both Telecare and back office systems.


Telecare Procurement Framework

In conjunction with Scotland Excel.


Social Work Record System Procurement Framework

In conjunction with Scotland Excel.


Social Work Mobile, Flex and Collab Standard Blueprint

Council standard they all sign up to aid in gains for productivity.


Architecture Blueprint for Digital Platform IORN

Blueprint paper and guide in how to deploy a data-warehouse with multiple feeds to replace IORN.