Digital Classroom & Education

Digital technology can be harnessed within the education sector to help attainment outcomes, reduce admin burden and also to accelerate saving in online learning.


This project will help Local Authorities work towards a more joined up approach - fostering collaboration between The Digital Office, Local Gov, SEEMiS, Education Scotland, Scottish Gov and other stakeholders.


Online Parent Services *LIVE*

The new 'Parents Portal' offers a range of services which will be released in a phased manner. This project creates a digital means of that interaction between the school and the parent/carer, a digital relationship that will be much more convenient, secure, reliable and efficient than the existing “school bag” method of communication between the school and the home. 


ROI Model – Collab tools

ROI model on using Online Collaboration tools to aid with learning and how this reduces cost.


Blueprint and gold standard for collaboration tools

Step by step guide in options and how to deploy to aid with learning through Virtual Classroom that is rolled out across all schools in Scotland.


100% adoption of school payments system

Across all schools by end of 2018.


Clear Guidance

Fee structure for online school payments.


Gold Standard and Roadmap for Connectivity in Schools

Look at gaps in what we expect we need in regards to capacity in the future, where we are now, set a minimum standard for now and roadmap of how we technically achieve the future.


Gold Standard for Bring your own device Policy across all schools

One interpretation of PSN compliance and rollout out one policy for BYOD across the whole of Scotland.


School Registration Solution

Lift and shift solution created in concept at SOCITM with the help of SEEMiS.


Common Data Sets Guidance

Look at how we create common data sets from GLOW and SEEMiS to help with SEEMiS v2 as well as “digital place”.



Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (Western Isles Council) have revolutionised the delivery, uptake and attainment of education using a transformational digital platform: e-Sgoil. Refusing to give in to geographical, economic and social constraints they have provided an education system that facilitates true anytime, anywhere education for learners and teachers alike.