Skills Development

As Mobile, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence become more prominent and disruptive in our councils, new skills and ways of working will be required throughout our workforce. These changes will require staff to be retrained in order to help with frontline services where skills will be needed most.


Our Skills Development programme will look towards the future, anticipating skills requirements for the coming years - identifying potential skills gaps and the creation of training to match future needs. Digital Champions will be nurtured, acting as advocates for digital development across Local Government and helping to create and develop training programmes and best practice - working towards the establishment of a National Digital Academy.


Training Collateral

Presentations, Guides, Video’s etc. that could be shared and be rolled out to any council.


Procurement Framework

Skills Provider framework that councils can call off to help fill gaps.


Skills Matrix per role

Required basics to do a role then phased as medium, Advanced and expert.


National Digital Academy

An Academy that can be rolled out at different sites throughout the year to help train and progress staff through the skills matrix and recognise best practice and examples in Digital Skills. Would look to involve private sector organisations such as Data Lab, Microsoft, HP, Google, Fan Duel, Skyscanner and other “digital disruptors” to help advance mind sets and cross fertilise skills.


Scottish Local Gov Digital awards

Yearly event awarding the best in digital disruption across our councils.