Digitally Enabled Elected Members

Across many areas of Local Government, there is a desire for training that enables elected members to become more "digitally aware and literate" - helping them in their dealings with their constituents.


Our project will seek to work in conjunction with the Improvement Service to help drive awareness around the positive outcomes digital could have for counselor’s electorate along with looking at how Digital could help deliver front line services in a more efficient and cost effective way.

Councilors Digital Skills Matrix

A Matrix and benchmark of how “digitally aware” a councilor and a follow up learning plan to help fill gaps if they desire to do so.


Common Standard Data Sets Matrix

Identify through consultation with councilors what data they anticipate they need and then create a set of common key datasets that each council could create and publish that could help their councilors.


Gap Plan for Councils

A gap plan that relates to the data sets that could be potentially missing for each council against the common standard Data Sets matrix.


Mini Digital “art of the possible” Aorkshops

Small workshop style day events that could be run by a digital champion within a council to help councilors think how digital can help and support their electorate.