Project 08.

Supply Chain & Procurement

 Defining what true value and partnership with our supply chain should look like to enable collaborative working when we are looking for solutions to truly get best value for our councils and more importantly our citizens.


Supplier Engagement *LIVE*

Supplier contact lists have been created and distributed to each Foundation Project Lead. The Digital Office & Scotland Excel have offered to facilitate any future supplier engagement as required by project leads as necessary. If you require any support, please email info@digitaloffice.scot.


Data Set from Audit of IT Solutions

A paper and dataset on what our current estate looks like which can help with making strategic decisions and collaborative procurements.


Timeline of potential collaborative procurements and new solution opportunities

Map and list of potential opportunities we could jointly work on innovative solutions or procurements on then execute with help from Scotland Excel. 


Agile Procurement Methodology Paper

A paper that sets out principals and guidelines around how to conduct and complete procurement, where appropriate in an AGILE manner.


Creation of a timetable of industry events

Events where tech companies meet with Scotland Excel and Digital office to understand opportunities in relation to the Digital Office agenda and an agile procurement approach.

  • - A number of organisations have already supplied information on corporate applications and contractual positions to enable the identification of collaborative opportunities across Scottish local authorities. Therefore, the Digital Office and Scotland Excel are looking to host two half day workshops that will comprise an introduction to route to market options, myth busting, a case study with Q&A and an interactive activity session. We propose to host these in November depending on interest. If you would like to be involved, please email info@digitaloffice.scot.


Demonstrable £’s Savings

The analysis of the current IT landscape will identify demonstrable opportunities for £’s savings on existing contracts. These may be delivered from supplier negotiation or collaborative procurements.




Coming soon in Release 4 is a comprehensive appraisal of the current Information technology landscape across the partnership, with recommendations leading to the identification of the most appropriate systems for collaborative procurement which will realise cashable savings and an improved level of customer service delivery.