Mobile & Flexible Working

Many councils have adopted mobile and flexible working in order to reduce costs and increase productivity. Increasingly, more councils are now looking at mobile and flexible working as a means to integrate service delivery and to provide better services to the public.


The project aims to promote and support mobile and flexible working across Scottish local government - looking at the ways in which increased adoption might lead to both cost reductions and service delivery efficiencies


Collaboration Space
Establish a practitioner community to share best practice, policies and case studies covering flexible working, enterprise mobility, bring your own device and unified communication.
Mobile Architecture
Develop a mobile architecture model including a roadmap with key building blocks and design principles.
Best Practice Library
Assess the approaches taken by those councils who have more mature programmes against cost, benefits returned, contribution to service delivery transformation, potential barriers including mobile coverage, digital skills and system integration and publish best practice.
Collaboration Directory
Publish a directory detailing setup and contacts for  collaboration, federation and unified communication.
Enterprise Mobility Gap Analysis
Collate current state and future plans of all authorities against the agreed mobile architecture model and publish in the collaboration space.

Mobile Apps Catalogue

Publish a list of mobile applications which have been bought, adapted or developed by councils with details of business use, technology dependencies and contact details along with lessons learned covering both successes and failures.