Common Platforms

Scottish Local Authorities deliver a breadth of services for the public, often in very similar ways. This project will identify common processes - identifying industry best practice and embracing open standards and common components.


Key aims include the use of common platforms to deliver best value for Local Authorities, standardisation of service delivery and progression of the Scottish Local Government Digital Strategy, with the project delivering a capability map of common platforms against common processes.


Collaboration Space *LIVE*

A collaboration space has been launched aimed at technical roles including Enterprise Artchitects and Infrastructure Engineers to share definitions, current activities, opportunities and ambitions for platforms and aid the collation and dissemination of the information. If you would like to join this space, please email info@digitaloffice.scot.


Capability Map *BETA*

Diagrammatic representation(s) of the key operational products, platforms and component technologies within local authorities and across the wider Scottish Digital Landscape.


Platform Catalogue

Publish a list of identified Common Platforms which have the potential to be in scope for subsequent project phases.


Platform Blueprint

The format of the blueprint document will be defined upon project commencement.



Coming soon in Release 4 is a Landscape Survey, Platform Blueprint and Platform Catalogue.