Cloud Services Review

Cloud computing continues to be one of the biggest trends in ICT, offering the potential to reduce the cost of data centre hosting, infrastructure and support across the public sector, and is therefore a key component of the Scottish Government digital strategy.


Our cloud services review project will better inform councils of the costs/benefits of cloud services - providing examples of best practice. It will provide positioning and guidance for financial budgeting for cloud services, cost-benefit analysis, and address security/data protection, workforce/skills, and support complexity concerns. 


An “Introduction to the Cloud” Paper (ALPHA)

A paper that introduces cloud computing concepts and provides an overview of the cloud computing market, highlighting the latest trends in (and capabilities of) IaaS, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and SaaS.

  • Cloud Security Principles 

    Three page introduction to cloud security targeted to a broad audience and it contains links to further information for those that seek a more technical understanding. 


Case Studies

A list of potential Scottish local government case studies that demonstrate where value has been achieved through migration to the cloud (both IaaS and SaaS)


A “budgeting for cloud services” paper

A paper that sets out considerations and recommendations for budgeting for cloud services


A “cloud opportunity and prioritisation paper”

Recommendations for where cloud services might be deployed tactically to deliver value early in way that minimises impact, but provides practical experience for councils


A Cloud ROI Model

A standard (and holistic) return on investment model for evaluating the business case for moving services to the cloud


A “securing local government services in the cloud” paper

A paper that provides guidance and recommendations for securing public, private, or hybrid cloud services



Coming next in Release 4 is the "Budgeting for the Cloud" paper.