Better Use of Data

The digital revolution is fueled by data. Opening up access to this data improves transparency providing insight to improve decision-making - allowing Councils to engage with citizens in new ways.


This project seeks to provide councils with a solid foundation in data and information management, providing the means to make best use of the data available to them - identifying best practices, establishing opportunities for sharing and identify opportunities for collaboration.


Best Practice Case Studies *BETA*

Capturing best practice across Scottish local authorities and the wider digital community and a review capability to keep this information up to date. This is a maturing and evolving document showcasing applicable uses of better use of data with focus aimed at Scottish local authorities.


Code of Conduct / Data Charter

Co-develop a formal set of terms to which LAs will sign-up and adhere while participating


Data Maturity Model

Development of a data maturity model that local authorities can use to assess their current status and can be used to engage councils in assessing ambition and future direction.


Summary Benefits Model

A report that summarises the types of benefits that can be delivered by “better use of data”


Capacity Building

Identification of key skills, capabilities, and partnership required to improve data maturity across the sector.


High Level Data Architecture

High level structures for establishing a data architecture as part of the Local Government Reference Architecture


Recommendation Paper

Document setting out recommendations for the Alpha phase and subsequent phases.



Coming soon in Release 4 are the Data Charter and Benefits Framework deliverables for this project.